Monday, December 12, 2011

Here I Go Again

The familiar feeling of fear creeps in,
Tearing down my words, my heart,
Reminding me that,
Here we go again.

Time after time,
One after another.
Will I find one that works,
Or I will end up saying,
"Here we go again"

Monday, March 7, 2011

Once Again

Once again, it is that time again,
Where another year has just passed,
It is the time for you to blow and cut the cake,
And even to celebrate.

Once again, it is that time again,
For your loved ones and those you hold dear
To be remembered how much they appreciate you.

Once again, it is that time again,
The day that mark another memory shared together,
Such happy times, we couldn't ask for more.

Once again, it is that time again,
For us all to remember,
Despite it being your bday,
We've got the greatest gift,

"You are in our lives for another year!"

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I realize I am starting to get complacent in certain things that I have set out to do. Things I have set out to achieve within this year and so forth.
Have things gotten too comfortable for me?
Have I lost that desire to chase my dreams (whatever) it may be?

I really do not know! :P
I have been really annoyed in the past 2 weeks with myself. Questioning and asking myself questions that I put aside if I end up unable to answer myself. The choices and decisions we make is entirely held upon us. We can decide to allow things to remain as it is or make a change for the better. But the thing is, can you see the better that has yet to come? People are at times looking at the present, at what helps make us feel good and contented NOW rather than TMRW.

TMRW never comes unless you go through TODAY. hmmm...stupid phrases..haha im gettin confuse thinking bout this phrase :P

Im unable to decipher where my attention should lie? Where my priorities lie? Things seems confusing at times and I am feeling a lil lost. Hahaha but im not emo-fied lost. HAHAHA im weird i know :P

Will I break this cycle of thoughts in the upcoming week? I will not let this confusion stand. I will go thru my coaching materials to get back on track. Well at least I have to touch them first! HAHAH its been 2 months since i opened the ICA website.

I need to get back into perspective. Need to re-focus. Life is a gift. Time is gold. If I do not make full use of it. I will not get back time that was lost. I want to be able to say, "I do not need to go back in time to relive anything again. I have achieved whatever I need." HAHAHA da concept is good. But it is easier said than done.

I am starting to get emotionally involved with someone. Hmm, a part of me knows its not what i want. Things do not seem right. But it seems now as the more I want to avoid or get away from it, the more I feel I want it. its annoying... -.- I miss eating chicken rice.

To end this...i have just been rambling in this post. Needed to put thoughts into words and BLAH! :P

Lalala photos:

Old & New

7am morning sky outside my window =.=

My "40-year old wife"

A friend who is turning his back on his home country :P

Two old compatriots that exceeds others :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Faith + Hope + Love

As I sat back leaning on my leather seat,

I look back on past memories in the form of my mobile phone.

Every glimpse of the pictures I saw when I scrolled it back and forth brought back a dozen old memories.

Memories of smiles and sweets.

Where did that smiles disappear to?

Have everything turned cold?

Everyday = Brand new day

New day = New memories

So let's try looking at a brand new day being the wonderful gift as it is.

Out with the old and in with the new ")

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hey 2010

Hey ya'll!

Back to my blog after abandoning it for like 4 months!

Anyways it not like i have any active readers :P

so chill only..

Let me update you on my life in the past 4 months:

I have officially graduated as of Dec 22nd 2009, but my graduation ceremony will be on the 6th of July 2010,
hehe jus jkss..
ive got a full set of graduation gear ready:
Sf's shirt
hun's tie
vivi's cologne

At the start of Jan 2010,
I joined HSBC on an internship fr 3 months.
And it just came to an end last week.
A glimpse and it has already been 3 months.

I have also started to take up a coaching course.
Alot of ppl in my field of study have all gone ahead
with professional papers like CPA.
Well I am the odd one out taking up coaching,
But well,
it is the road less taken.

I am also taking up chinese classes
to help improve my ability to listen and write
basic Mandarin. This are the things I NEED
to do in order to realise my Exchange overseas.

Short term goals:
1) Swimming consistently
2) Catch up with my Tele classes
3) Continue self learning for Chinese
4) Catch up with guitar self learning

(At the back of my head, I would really wish she could come
That night, it felt ever so real, that smile, that voice,
Argh... hate dreams!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Exams are overrrrrr....
hopefully everything went well!
if it is...
I am officially a graduate!!!
I really miss home lately...
I miss my parents....
I miss my sis so much...
I miss my grandma...hehe thts surprising :P
What has been new since exams are over?
1) I've got a new job as a dish washer at a restaurant
2) Met up with Wai Yan before she heads to her
illustrious traineeship in Melbourne..
she is living the dream!!!
Melbourne with her own suite and also US NYC babye!
3) Went to snap some pictures at the
Adelaide Botanical Gardens
4) Feasting on Vietnamese food
5)Hoping for a new 50MM 1.8 Nikkor lense
6)Ultimate bumming to the max
7) Feeling like visiting my relatives in Melbourne
8) Been looking for a good TN for next year to China
What to do for this coming weeks?
1) Cycling
2) Gym..
neeed inspirasi..stay too far away
3) Hahndorf
4) Hallet's Cove
5) Adelaide Hills
6) Barossa Valley
7) Driving range
8) Basketball
Since the exams have been over..
I am feeling so unmotivated and lack of drive..
hehe it sucks